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Kohnke’s Own®, the range of products manufactured by John Kohnke Products, an Australian owned and based company, provides up-to-date supplement and horse care products, as well as a wide range of free information services to the horse industry.

Over the last 30 years, Dr. John Kohnke BVSc, RDA has become the most well known Australian veterinarian as an adviser on the nutrition and practical health care of horses.

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Kohnke’s Own Supplement Range 2020

Did you know that the Kohnke’s Own range features 27 different products for horse health, vitality and performance?

Our latest brochure is designed for quick reference of our quality Kohnke’s Own supplements and health care products for your horse.

You can find Kohnke’s Own products at all good saddleries and feed stores around Australia or contact our friendly team of Nutritional Advisors for more information.

Click Here to view the 2020 Range Brochure.

Introducing our new supplement Kohnke’s Own Redi-Flex for total joint health.

Redi-Flex is a new total joint health supplement with a comprehensive list of joint-active ingredients.  Redi-Flex has multiple actions to help joint health and function with an affordable cost per dose.

Redi-Flex was developed for over 2 years, including research trials with over 60 horses, from high-performance horses to aged and arthritic horses.

Great results were obtained, including very positive benefits for improved training and performance as well as better joint health, function, flexibility and willingness to move.  Redi-Flex also rated highly for palatability with a yummy banana flavouring that horses love!

Click here for more information on Redi-Flex.