E-Se Supplets

Vitamin E and Organic Selenium Supplement

E-Se Supplets™ are an innovative way of correcting low or inadequate levels of Vitamin E and organic selenium in the diets of racing, endurance, performance, breeding and growing horses.  The Supplet® pellet form mixes well with grain and chaff based feeds, eliminates waste from dust, sift-out and nutrient interactions which are common with powdered supplements containing these important antioxidant nutrients. The Supplet® pellets are palatable and well accepted by horses.

Concentrated Vitamin E and Organic Selenium Supplement with Vitamin B1 and Magnesium for Horses

 Pack Sizes:  1.4kg (90 x 15g doses)
4.0kg (266 x 15g doses)
10kg packs (666 x 15g doses) 

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