Worried about your donkey’s ration balance?

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Concentrated Mineral, Trace-Mineral and Vitamin Supplement for Donkeys

Many donkeys are used to keep the grass mown in small areas and house paddocks and often graze weeds and rough plants which horses and other animals leave. They are gentle, lovable companion animals which don’t need high energy prepared feeds or grain based diets. Often their rations are low or inadequate in bone minerals, trace-minerals and vitamins necessary to meet their needs for growth, pregnancy and general good health and longevity. Aged donkeys often suffer bone and arthritic problems.

DONKEY SUPREME™ has been formulated to make-up the short falls in the diets of donkeys when grazing on grass pastures, browsing on plants and being fed poor quality diets based on hay and straw to avoid laminitis and to maintain them.


Innovative 3 Supplet® Pellet

whitesupplet.jpg - 1055 Bytes White Supplet® Pellets – Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Vitamin A & D for bone minerals
brownsupplet.jpg - 1468 Bytes Brown Supplet® Pellets – full range of trace-minerals, including organic or ‘chelated’ forms
yellowsupplet.jpg - 19906 Bytes Golden-Yellow Supplet® Pellets –all essential vitamins for health and vitality




Donkey Supreme is the world’s first supplement for donkeys of all ages and activity!

tick.jpg - 1916 Bytes Based on a blend of 3 cold-pressed Supplet® pellets to NRC (2007) guidelines for donkeys.
tick.jpg - 1916 Bytes The innovative Supplet® blend eliminates sift-out, dust, sludging and nutrient interaction in feeds – in fact, many donkeys at grass can be offered the supplement off the hand or mixed in a small amount of chaff or finely chopped carrots or apples as a treat.
tick.jpg - 1916 Bytes Provides bone minerals for growing and aged donkeys of all sizes.
tick.jpg - 1916 Bytes Simply calculate the dose rate relative to your donkey’s body weight.
tick.jpg - 1916 Bytes Regular supplementation with Donkey Supreme™ will help to maintain health and vitality, optimum coat condition and assist the immune response.

Donkey Supreme™ - it’s not just a horse supplement, it is a supreme supplement especially formulated for donkeys to meet their specific nutrient needs and dietary balance.

Available in 1.4kg and 4kg. Larger stud packs available on request. 

Handy Hint:Give your donkey(s) a regular treat of Donkey Supreme off the hand – even twice weekly is adequate for middle-aged donkeys! Growing, pregnant or aged donkeys may require daily supplement to meet their specific nutrient needs.

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