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Kohnke’s Own®, the range of products manufactured by John Kohnke Products, an Australian owned and based company, provides up-to-date supplement and horse care products, as well as a wide range of free information services to the horse industry.

Over the last 30 years, Dr. John Kohnke BVSc, RDA has become the most well known Australian veterinarian as an adviser on the nutrition and practical health care of horses.

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Gastro-Coat Information Page

Kohnke’s Own Gastro-Coat® is a natural supplement against Gastric Irritation in Horses.

To find out more about Gastric Ulcers in Horses and our supplement Gastro-Coat visit our new information web page by clicking here.

Gastric Ulcers In Focus

We are proud to present Equine Gastric Ulcers In Focus..

Our new animated video explains Gastric Ulcers and Gastric Irritation in Horses, and our supplement Gastro-Coat.

To find out more about Gastric Ulcers in Horses and our supplement Gastro-Coat visit our new information web page by clicking here.


For many horse owners, a most beloved horse can leave sweet memories forever in our lives. Your treasured first pony, your best friend for life or your competition companion.

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Feeding Horses in Drought Areas
Parts of Australia are currently experiencing drought conditions, although other areas are having heavy rainfall. Feeding horses during drought periods can be very challenging for horse owners as pasture becomes sparse and the need to supplement their diet increases dramatically. Horses will normally eat more than 35 kg of fresh grass per day. Finding enough feed in your local area as a substitute when paddocks are bare can often prove difficult or become very expensive, particularly if you have more than one horse.
A horse requires approximately 1.75% - 2% of their body weight per day in feed (dry matter with the water removed), this equates to 7.5kg – 10kg of feed per day for a 500kg horse. Of this feed, at least 50% must be roughage such as hay and chaff to ensure the health of the digestive system. Other roughage types include silage, straw, sugar beet pulp, rice hulls, sunflower hulls, soybean hulls, forage cubes and a range of commercial fibre pellets. Luckily, simple roughage sources are cheaper than grain so bulking up the ration of a lightly worked horse with a combination of roughage sources can be a good way to keep costs down.
However, hay quality does diminish during periods of drought and only a very average grade of hay is available at a reasonable price. This average or poor quality hay may be bleached, very stalky with only a small amount of leaf, or one that has been stored for a long time. The nutrient content in these types of hay can be very poor, but as long as they don’t contain any moulds, they are useful for adding bulk to the diet and providing part of the roughage. In this case, energy and protein in the diet can be increased to encourage health, good condition and performance by adding a suitable concentrate such as protein meals, grain and other pre-mixed feeds to boost the ration when using the poorer quality hay.
It is also important to add a comprehensive vitamin and trace-mineral supplement to ensure that all the essential micronutrients are still available and balanced when feeding a poorer quality diet. Kohnke’s Own has a range of comprehensive supplements to suit all horses depending on their situation to help overcome any deficiency in trace-minerals and vitamins. Supplements such as Kohnke’s Own Cell-Provide, Cell-Vital, and Cell-Perform provide minerals, trace minerals and vitamins required for horse health, vitality and performance.
For more information or if you would like a copy of one of our fact sheets on Drought management and alternative feeds during drought conditions please email info@kohnkesown.com or send a private message to the Kohnke’s Own Facebook page. Next week on Facebook we will feature a post with tips about Sand Ingestion – which is a common problem during drought conditions.
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Stimulating Natural Oil Production for a Glossy Coat
As show time or events approach, we have a handy hint to encourage your horse to shine with a glossy, glamorous coat.
Firstly, exercise your horse so that he starts to sweat, and then brush with a curry comb in a circular motion to remove any old hairs and dirt, massaging the skin to encourage the oil glands to secrete natural oils. Then wash your horse, but it is important to select a shampoo that is not soap or detergent based, as these will strip those good natural oils from the coat and give a dull, dry appearance. In contrast, Kohnke’s Own Kleen Sheen, a gentle, foam lifting shampoo with built in conditioner and colour highlighter, is perfect to remove scurf and cleanse your horse’s coat but leaves the good natural oils for a glossy shine.

Once your horse’s coat is clean and thoroughly rinsed, scrape off any excess water. Before they completely dry, rug with a clean, light cotton rug to help the hair to dry flat to reduce that “fluffy” appearance. Contact from the rug will also stimulate natural oil glands in the skin. Once your horse has completely dried, brush all over in the direction of the hair with a soft brush to distribute those natural oils throughout the coat, mane and tail.

Pictured: Ridge View Cadbury Royal, owned and competed by Petra Marz, an Ambassador of Kohnke’s Own. Cadbury has a brilliant glossy shine and coat condition with regular washes in Kleen-Sheen and a perfectly balanced diet with Kohnke’s Own Cell-Perform and Energy Gold for health, vitality and performance in the Show Ring and the Dressage arena.
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