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Kohnke's Own®, the range of products manufactured by John Kohnke Products, an Australian owned and based company, provides up-to-date supplement and horse care products, as well as a wide range of free information services to the horse industry. Over the last 30 years, Dr. John Kohnke BVSc, RDA has become the most well known Australian veterinarian as an adviser on the nutrition and practical health care of horses. He provides a nutritional consultancy service to many trainers and studs, as well as owners and riders of equestrian horses.

On this web site, we provide comprehensive information on our range of products and information services, including our popular Talking Horses newsletters, a wide range of practical Fact Sheets, articles on horse health and management, Handy Hints and Seasonal Reminders.

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News - March 2016

Talking Horses - Racing 28 (PDF)
Talking Horses - Breeding 14 (PDF) - Preparing the mare & stallion for breeding, the uterine environment
Talking Horses - Health 38 (PDF) - Shivers, Australian Stringhalt
Talking Horses - Endurance 7 - 'Tying Up' and PSSM, coping with cold weather, Tom Quilty Gold Cup - a brief history

Fact Sheets
Duodenal and Colonic Ulcers
Scoring a 'crest' neck

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